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  Training Event      

On January 13, 2009 several agencies participated with CVFD on a training event on Benn’s Church Blvd.  There were a lot of scenarios through out the day that everyone was able to learn from.

SRFA Vehicle Rescue Class at CVFD
SRFA Vehicle

July 17th through the 20th the recruits of the Southside Regional Fire Academy class 39 “The Watchmen” reported to Sta. 10 everyday to participate in the vehicle rescue portion of their 16 week long fire academy. Recruits representing Portsmouth, Suffolk and Franklin attended the training that utilized equipment off of R-10 and E-10. Vehicles were proved by Dave’s Service Center and Big Tow. The first three days consisted of vehicle rescue while the last day was used for live fire training for vehicle fires. Full Story

SRFA Manning
CVFD assists SRFA live burn (City of Suffolk)      

On July 16th CVFD assisted with a live burn in an acquired structure on Manning Road in the city of Suffolk. T-10 was utilized as water supply and the primary pumper during the training burn which consisted of 10 individual scenarios. Recruits form the cities of Suffolk, Portsmouth and Franklin benefited from this day long burn. Assistant Chief Scott Brower who is also a Lieutenant with the city of Suffolk and the Officer in Charge of the Southside Regional Fire Academy coordinated the burn that utilized 18 instructors to train the 20 recruits. Carrollton members assisting with the burn includes Captains J.V. Oliver and Dave Rastatter, Ben Brower (our most recent SRFA graduate) and Myron Pierce. Full Story

CVFD Sponsors regional EVOC Class
EVOC Class
On July 12th, 13th and 14th the Carrollton Fire Dept hosted a regional EVOC class that consisted of members from Carrollton, Smithfield, Carrsville, (Isle of Wight) Northampton & Wythe (City of Hampton). Over 20 students were trained the emergency operations of apparatus from zone vehicles to Carrollton’s tractor drawn tanker. Full Story
Richmond Cold Storage Training      
On June 25th CVFD assisted the Smithfield Fire Dept with a yearly drill at the Richmond Cold Storage facility in Smithfield. R-10 was utilized to remove a “victim” exposed to Ammonia inside the facility  while T-51 & E-52's crew removed a “victim” from the roof of the building. More Photos
Riddick Road Training Burn
On June 24th CVFD conducted live fire training at an acquired structure at 17293 Riddick Road. The building, and old house turned into a shed provided some good rural water supply and fire stream training. Ventilation practicals were also conducted using the cut off and chain saws off R-10. T-10 was utilized to supply hand lines and the “Blitz Fire” while E-10 shuttled water. S-10A provided EMS standby  until it was dispatched to an EMS call, a jet ski accident at Browns Marina.  More Photos
Joint Training with Station 50      
On May 24th, Station 10 and Station 50 (Smithfield) conducted joint training at the Smithfield High School. The main goal was familiarization of Quint 10's hydrant valve. The drill utilized Q-10 and Engine 53. 14 members of the 2 departments participated in use of hand lines, aerial master stream, LDH and the hydrant valve as well as some good pump training. 
FFI / FFII Burn in Franklin
On May 29th (day burn) & April 1st (night burn) Station 10 assisted with the Isle of Wight County Regional Fire Academy Firefighter I/II burns at the IOW/Franklin Fire Training Center. Full Story
  TRFA Class 111 (Vehicle Rescue)      


TRFA- on January 23rd , R-10 with Assistant Chief S. Brower assisted the Tide Water Regional Fire Academy with their vehicle rescue class in Hampton. TRFA class 111 included 20 recruits from Hampton, James City, Poquoson and Carrollton Fire Departments. Carrollton has had a long and successful relationship with the Hampton Fire Department through their Training Division not to mention Carrollton’s own Jason Rodman is a recruit in class 111 as a volunteer from Carrollton. More Photos
SRFA Class 38        
SRFA - The Carrollton Volunteer Fire Department hosted the vehicle rescue class for the fall Southside Regional Fire Academy class 38. The class was held at the station during the week of January 23rd. The class included the VDFP vehicle rescue curriculum as well as an additional days to include patient removal from a vehicle as well as a day for vehicle fires. The vehicles were donated and hauled to the sta. by our good friends at Big Tow and Dave’s Service Center. R-10, E-10 & Suffolk R-17 were utilized during the class. The fall academy of 13 recruits represents Suffolk, Portsmouth, Franklin and Carrollton Fire Departments. Carrollton has been a part of SRFA through the city of Suffolk since 2003 with 5 of our volunteers having graduated, the most recent graduate Ben Brower.



Station 10 Hosts Trench Rescue Class


On November 11th and 12th CVFD members as well as members of the Smithfield Vol. Fire Dept, Norfolk Fire Dept, Portsmouth Fire Dept, North Hampton Vol. Fire Dept,  and Richmond Fire Dept, participated in an HTR Trench Rescue Class held at Station 10, and Isle of Wight Materials. A total of 19 firefighters participated in the class.  During the two day class students learned proper trench shoring and rescue techniques.  More Photos

08/22/06 Sentry Mart Training Burn        

The Carrollton Volunteer Fire Department sponsored live fire training at 22283 Brewer’s Neck Blvd (the old Sentry Mart). Three nights of training were conducted August 22nd thru the 24th. (Full Story)

Sentry rt #32 Burn