Carrollton Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched “automatic aid” at 9:41 a.m. Thursday 18 May 2017 to a reported “large trash truck on fire with 2000 lb. of natural gas" at Smithfield Volunteer Fire Dept. on Main St. in Smithfield. CVFD Deputy Chief B. Hubbard led a four firefighter volunteer crew deploying Quint-10 with two of the volunteers meeting the apparatus on scene. The fire had started in the truck during a routine trash pick up at Bradford Mews and the operator drove the burning truck four blocks to Smithfield VFD Station-50. A twenty foot column of fire was observed emanating from the top of the vehicle. The truck operator was ordered to empty the trash load in an open field next to Station-50 and Smithfield VFD Engine-50 crews initiated a rapid attack on the burning trash load. The E-50 deck monitor directed a master stream of water onto the gas container to prevent a BLEVE (Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion.) SVFD Chief J. Stallings assumed command and directed fire ground operations. Two hand lines were also extended from E-50 to attack the fire from the opposite side. Water and foam were used to suppress the fire and a front loader vehicle was called in to spread the trash debris around for full extinguishment. The fire was declared under control in 25 minutes and the company owners were called to remove the partially burned truck and all debris. The last units cleared the scene by 12:30 p.m.

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