Carrollton Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched at 10:11 p.m. Tuesday 26 August 2014 to a reported " went through five yards...hit house..." off Brewer's Neck Blvd near Carver Drive. Volunteers in Carrollton ambulance unit Squad-10, engine Quint-10, response vehicle Zone-10 and Chief-10 responded quickly. First arriving unit reported " injuries and no structural damage..." and Q-10 crew rapidly neutralized the vehicle's electrical system to reduce the potential for fire. Isle of Wight Sheriff's deputies arrived to begin investigation and reporting procedures. More Carrollton volunteer EMTs and other members arrived on scene in POVs to assist before law enforcement assumed operational command. All Carrollton units and volunteer personnel were reported available at 10:35 p.m. to return to quarters. A local wrecker service was requested to recover the vehicle.

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