Carrollton Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched at 6:53 p.m. Friday 22 August 2014 to a reported "...vehicle hit a pole...subject is out..." on Carrollton Blvd. near Muddy Cove Circle. Volunteer crews in ambulance unit Squad-10 and vehicle collision response apparatus Rescue-10 responded quickly and arrived on scene within minutes. First arriving unit advised "...vehicle on its side...power pole snapped in half..." and initiated immediate scene security operations around the potentially serious electrical hazard. R-10 provided scene protection while the S-10 EMT crew conducted an immediate medical assessment of the patient. No medical transport was required. Isle of Wight County Sheriff's Deputies arrived to conduct investigation, reporting protocols and traffic control operations. Dominion Power technicians arrived to assess electrical issues and a wrecking service was requested for recovery of the upturned vehicle. R-10 volunteer crew remained on scene until 7 p.m. when cleared by law enforcement.

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