Carrollton Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched at 6:28 a.m. Thursday 10 July 2014 to a reported "...multi-vehicle collision...with injuries..." on Carrollton Blvd in front of A. J. Gators restaurant. Volunteer crews in pumper engine Rescue-10 and ambulance unit Squad-10 responded as well as other volunteers in POVs. Upon arrival on scene, R-10 crew advised "...three vehicles involved...moderate damage..." and immediately initiated emergency patient care protocols for all vehicle occupants. One patient was extricated from his vehicle and transported in S-10 to the closest trauma center. Isle of Wight Sheriff's Deputy arrived to begin investigation, recording and reporting procedures. R-10 crew remained on scene to assist with traffic control and hazzard mitgation. All Carrollton VFD units and volunteers were released by 7:15 a.m. for further duty.

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