Carrollton Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched 7:48 a.m. Thursday 12 June 2014 to Carrollton Area Elementary School (CAES) for a reported "...strong smell of wires burning inside the building." Carrollton VFD fire response apparatus aerial ladder unit Quint-10, pumper unit Engine-10 and transport ambulance unit Squad-10 (for medical standby) arrived on scene and were directed to the affected area by CAES Principal Kevin Goetz. Carrollton VFD volunteer and IOW Emergency Services crews rapidly searched all rooms and hallways in the north wing of the school building using thermal imaging cameras (TIC) to locate hot spots. A faulty "ballast" unit in an overhead fluorescent lighting fixture was determined to be the source of the odor and operational control of the structure was then returned to the principal and the school maintenance staff. All Carrollton units were made available for further service at 8:31 a.m. and returned to quarters.

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