Carrollton Volunteer Fire Department conducted an extremely successful
Station 10 OPEN HOUSE
Saturday, October4,2014

Carrollton VFD VOLUNTEERS provided many working demonstrations of Station 10's emergency medical, fire, and rescue equipment. Carrollton Volunteers discussed and demonstrated the practices they use to effectively manage and treat medical emergencies, address fire and rescue situations, and mitigate property damage. Other displays included an especially popular one which documented Carrollton Volunteer Fire Department's proud history including the early founders of the organization. Those founders are recognized for their financial and time commitment in establishing the facility, equipment, and organization. Those early founders' commitment to excellence and to selflessly serving their fellow citizens and community has inspired a tradition that has been passed on to the present day membership.

Working demonstrations of life saving practices and equipment provided those attending with significant insight into the around the clock (all 24 hours each day, every day of the year) commitment that the volunteers cheerfully provide the Carrollton community.

Carrollton volunteers appreciate those they serve and thank you for attending this event.

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