Carrollton Volunteer Fire Department conducted the annual "hose Down" for local children attending Isle of Wight County's "Summer Blast" Day Camp on Thursday 31 July 2014 at the request of the county's Parks and Recreation Department. Volunteer CPT Brian Hubbard and Firefighter Daniel Vineyard along with Emergency Services technicians Jeremy Gibbs and Mark Wilkerson used a fog spray nozzle to cool about 80 children who attended the camp at Carrollton Nike Park located between Jones and Titus Creeks in northeastern Isle of Wight County, Virginia. The 150 acre recreation facility is constructed on the site of a former US Army Cold War anti-aircraft missile battery that in 1955 housed 32 Nike-Ajax supersonic missiles in three underground concrete magazines. J. Gibbs adjusts the nozzle from the top of Carrollton VFD's 75 foot aerial ladder on pump engine "Quint-10."

The appellation "quint" means that this fire engine comprises all five firefighting capabilities needed for a large-structure fire: water, pump engine, hoses, ground ladders and the extendable aerial ladder with attached water piping to attack a fire from above. This apparatus can pump 1000 gallons of water per minute continuously when fed by an amble water supply source. In non-hydranted areas such as Nike Park, more water can be supplied by additional engines such as Carrollton VFD's "Engine-10" (see final two photographs) positioned here next to Quint-10.

During this community service event, the fire department was dispatched on an emergency medical call and Carrollton VFD ambulance unit Medic-11 responded from Nike Park with a full Advanced Life Support (ALS) Emergency Services crew. The volunteers from Station-10 continued the kids hose down with "no interruption of service."

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