Carrollton Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched 0500 Monday 25 November 2013 to a "structure fire" at Ron's BP Food Mart on Carrollton Blvd. for a reported "deep fryer on fire, smoke & flames, everyone has been evacuated." Carrollton VFD units Engine-10, Quint-10 and Chief-10 responded within minutes. A Smithfield Vol. Fire Dept. (SVFD) member happened on scene first and reported "light smoke, flames visible" as E-10 arrived with a full volunteer crew. Volunteer Fire Captain B. Hubbard arrived to take command and hand lines were immediately deployed to initiate an aggressive fire attack. Aerial ladder apparatus Q-10 arrived and was positioned on the "B" side of the structure to deploy it's 75 foot ladder for roof access where smoke was showing from a large rooftop ventilation chimney. The fire was reported "under control" at 0510 as SVFD fire apparatus Truck-50 arrived to assist with additional manpower per "automatic aid" dispatch. The SVFD crew was assigned to recheck the interior of the structure just as the "fryer is on fire again" report was heard and this crew extinguished the flareup within one minute. Isle of Wight Volunteer Rescue Squad transport ambulance Medic-64 arrived with ALS crew to conduct rehabilitation operations. Carrollton VFD crews on the roof removed the ventilation fan and extinguished all remnants of the fire within the vertical ductwork. At 0530 Captain Hubbard reported "no extension of the fire, contained to fryer and vent" and declared the fire extinguished. Command was terminated at 0611 and all Carrollton, Smithfield and Isle of Wight apparatus and crews returned to their respective quarters.

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