Carrollton Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched 1018 Wednesday 13 November 2013 to a reported car fire inside a local automobile parts yard off Brewer's Neck Blvd in Carrollton, Virginia. Carrollton volunteer crews and apparatus were already committed to a structure fire in the Smithfield response district and City of Suffolk Engine-5 with crew on standby duty at Carrollton VFD Station-10 responded to the scene. Carrollton Fire Chief J. Acree who was assisting with coordination for the structure fire at Smithfield VFD Station-50 responded to the car fire dispatch with SVFD Engine-53. E-5 arrived on scene first to find a small car fully involved with fire, immediately deployed two hand lines and initiated an aggressive fire attack through a narrow vehicle gate and down a muddy driveway. E-53 arrived on scene for additional water supply and manpower. The fire was brought under control within minutes and the Carrollton volunteers assisted the Suffolk crew with hose-line recovery. SVFD E-53 returned to Station-50 to resume standby operations for Smithfield and Suffolk E-5 returned to Station-10 to resume standby in Carrollton district where a Carrollton crew assisted the Suffolk crew with hose cleaning and repacking on E-5. Suffolk crew and apparatus remained on standby duty at Station-10 until 1300 when Carrollton volunteers and apparatus returned from the structure fire in the Smithfield district.

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