Carrollton Volunteer Fire Department conducted basic fire safety classes for the 680 students in grades pre-k through third at the Carrollton Area Elementary School Wednesday, 30 October 2013, from 1330 - 1500. The instruction was preceded by a practice fire alarm during which all students and staff were evacuated. As the children assembled in designated safe areas supervised by staff and teachers, two fire engines and one transport ambulance from nearby Carrollton VFD Station-10 arrived simulating an emergency response. All the students were then rotated through a series of fire safety classes adjusted to the grade level of each student group. Principal Kevin Goetz and Assistant Principal Andrea Novak both enthralled their students by bravely climbing the partially extended aerial ladder of Carrollton engine Quint-10 using appropriate safety equipment. The local volunteer fire department also provided fire safety instructional materials to the students for classroom use.

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