Carrollton Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched 9:16 a.m. Sunday 15 September to a reported "dog head stuck in wall" at the Eagle Harbor Apartments complex in Carrollton, Virginia. Carrollton VFD fire/rescue engine "Rescue-10" with a crew of three volunteers responded immediately and arrived to find a small dog with his head wedged into a space in a brick wall designed for drainage from an outdoor patio. The owner explained that when the dog was much smaller he had often escaped through the narrow opening but had now apparently unknowingly outgrown his illicit door to freedom. Carrollton volunteer Firefighters Mason Halsey and Tyler Newton under the command of Fire Captain Brian Hubbard used hammers and chisels to chip away at the masonry and the dog was freed after more than an hour of careful brickmason rescue work. The chastened puppy, having learned a valuable lesson in territorial limits, was unharmed and the firefighters handed him back to the appreciative owner.

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