Carrollton Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched 2023 Saturday 6 July 2013 "automatic aide" to a reported structure fire in Battery Park, Virginia, in the Smithfield Vol. Fire Dept. first response district. Initial call to 911 stated "smoke coming from roof and no response at the front door." Due to the distance from hydrants, SVFD requested tanker units from Rushmere and Chuckatuck to respond. SVFD Engine-52 was first on scene and SVFD Deputy Chief J. Hackney reported "flames showing" and ordered an immediate primary search for occupants along with an aggressive interior fire attack with hand lines. Carrollton VFD Engine-10 arrived along with SVFD units E-53, E-50 and E-51 and crews from these units assisted in fire suppression and water supply operations. The fire appeared to have started from a second floor air conditioning unit at the rear of the structure and the flames were quickly knocked down during the initial fire attack. Tankers 9 and 30 were cancelled enroute and Dominion Power arrived to secure power. Extensive overhaul operations were conducted in the second floor attic space and all units were cleared available for service by 2220.
History Note:
The historic Village of Battery Park was first established in 1680 as a colonial port named "Patesfield" to ship tobacco grown in northern Isle of Wight County to England. The original customs house ("Todd House") from that date still stands just across from the Post Office building, one of the few small post offices remaining from many in the county. The port of Patesfield did not flourish but the village remained as a local waterman's and farming community. It was later called "Newport" in the early 18th century and hence the name of the current Newport District for elections in northern Isle of Wight County. Also known as "Old Town," in 1890 it was officially named "Battery Park" in remembrance of the field howitzer positions of "Todd's Battery" which protected the Town of Smithfield from 1861 to 1864 by firing on Yankee ships at the entrance to the Pagan River during the American Civil War. The village retains a small seafood processing plant to this day.

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