Carrollton's historic Cold War Nike-Ajax Missile site is a place where dramatic events still happen! The supersonic anti-aircraft missiles are gone but the original 1954 flagpole still proudly recalls the presence of the US Army "missilemen" stationed here from 1954 to 1961. The Isle of Wight Parks and Recreation staff who now work in the historic buildings requested help today, Tuesday, 12 February 2013, when the U.S. Flag that flies from the original flagpole outside the former barracks building had become entangled at the top of the pole. The local Carrollton Volunteer Fire Department responded with their 75 foot ladder truck "Quint-10" to the historic site. Volunteer Captain Timothy Nunez supervised EMT/Firefighters Kenny Wilkins and Debbie Miller as they raised the aerial ladder to the top of the flagpole, retrieved the entangled flag and replaced it with a newer flag provided by the Parks & Recreation staff. CPT Nunez raised the ladder, Firefighter Wilkins climbed to the top and EMT Miller secured the hoisting mechanism below. A new United States national ensign now proudly flies above the former missile base to recognize the soldiers who manned this post and helped defend Hampton Roads against the threat of a Soviet nuclear bomber attack during the early Cold War years.

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