Carrollton Volunteer Fire Department responded 1300 Friday 3 August 2012 to a "public assist" call for a tree causing an immediate danger to an occupied residence on Benn's Church Blvd. in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. Home owners Pete and Grace Keen were alerted by a loud "cracking" sound and went outside to find a large pecan tree next to their house splitting down the center. The tree overhung the house on one side and their garage on the other. Carrollton VFD units Chief-10, Quint-10 and Rescue-10 as well as three deputies from the Isle of Wight County Sheriff's Dept. and County Sheriff Mark Marshall responded to the scene. First arriving unit, Chief-10, advised the occupants not to reenter the house because the large tree branches were overhanging the electrical service power lines to the house. Tree removal experts from Isle of Wight Forest Products worked quickly to place a heavy restraining chain around the base of the tree to resist lateral movement of the two lower halves of the split tree. Carrollton VFD crews then positioned Quint-10 near the tree and raised the aerial ladder to place it carefully between the two sagging branches. The two forest management technicians then ascended the ladder and placed a second chain above the first to prevent the two halves of the tree from splitting even farther apart. After the tree was secured, the aerial ladder was lowered and all Carrollton units returned to quarters. All occupants were allowed to reenter the home and later that day the tree was completely cut down and removed.


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