Carrollton Volunteer Fire Department assisted "m2 Pictures" of Hampton on Thursday 26 April 2012 in the filming for a production of an Investigation Discovery TV show. ("m2 Pictures" helped sponsor our recent Spring 2012 BBQ fundraiser at our top "3 Alarm Flaming Hog" level.) The action for this film sequence was similar to our March 2010 night time filming but this new "crime scene" shoot took place during the day. The general story line is the murder of a woman (head shot, first photo) whose body was stuffed into a car trunk that is then torched by the perp. The fire is reported by an off-duty firefighter who called 911 when he discovers the burning car. Other brave firefighters speedily arrive (Engine-10 with crew) and quickly extinguish the blaze. During overhaul they pop the trunk and are surprised when they find the remains (burning plastic feet - see photo) of the victim. For this operation, CPT B. Hubbard commanded firefighters S. Speers, M. Truitt and S. Singles and also performed duty as safety officer for the film crew and later during the fire suppression scenes. Incidentally, CPT Hubbard is also the spouse of Sara Jordan Hubbard who is a descendant of the original owners of the property on which this filming takes place - see History Note below:

History Note: Filming took place behind the historic 1857 Charles Driver Jordan House visible in many of the photos. This stately ante-bellum home was the site of several Confederate Cavalry encampments during the "late unpleasantness" and was also host to Victorian Era equestrian jousting tournaments in the 1880s based on the romantic novels of Sir Walter Scott. The building is architecturally unique in Isle of Wight County being a mirror-image copy of the more famous 1807 "Foursquare" plantation house southwest of Smithfield. More important in local history, however, the "Jordan House" is best remembered as the location of Isle of Wight County's first public school. In accordance with Virginia's new 1868 Constitution calling for "free and appropriate" education, Sophia Cate Jordan, wife of the home's builder, received the first state teaching certificate in the county and started classes for local children in the front room of the house. (BTW, it was this new Constitution which also allowed Virginia re-entry into the United States thereby avoiding the onerous occupation by vile Yankee soldiery inflicted on most other Southern states.)


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