Carrollton Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched 1726 Sunday 10 April 2011 to a reported brush fire in the Ragged Island Wildlife Management Area at the south foot of the James River Bridge (JRB). Carrollton units Engine-10, Rescue-10, Tanker-10, Car-10, Zone-10 and Boat-10 responded immediately. First arriving unit reported a fire increasing in size in the wood line one mile east on the shore near Fishing Island. R-10 and E-10 crews made their way on foot along the beach with water cans and other brush fire tools to the fireground and initiated the fire attack. Isle of Wight Sheriffs Deputy arrived on scene to assist. Z-10 launched B-10 off the beach near the JRB and proceeded along the shoreline to the fireground with additional crews. The City of Newport News was requested to launch their fire boat for assistance and NNFD Fire Boat One (FB-1) responded to the scene but could only approach to within 100 yards of the shore due to shallow water. Carrollton Boat-10 maneuvered out to FB-1 to load hose lines and lay them in the water between the fire boat and the shore. Once ashore, the hose line was extended another 50 yards to the fireground, charged with salt water from the James River and the Carrollton crews succeeded in extinguishing the fire using Fire Boat One as the pumper. Virginia State Forestry agent arrived on scene to assess and assist. Fire was reported out at 1854 and all CVFD, NNFD, IWSD and VDOF units cleared the scene by 1937 and returned to quarters.


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