Carrollton Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched 1141 Monday 7 Mar. 2011 to a 10-50PI on Route 17 at the Whippingham Parkway intersection. Rescue-10, Squad-10 and Zone-11 responded. First arriving unit reported two vehicles involved and one BLS trauma patient. Rescue-10 protected the scene while S-10 crew loaded and transported the patient to RRMC. IWSD and VSP units were also on scene.
Carrollton VFD was then dispatched 1241 "second call" to a medical emergency in this same area. Medic-11 responded, arrived on scene and began the transport of one BLS medical patient to RRMC. M-11 crew radioed ahead to S-10 crew to rendezvous at Huntington Park at the north foot of the James River Bridge in Newport News to exchange crews so M-11 crew could return to Station-10 in S-10 because of previous work commitments.
Upon arriving at Huntington Park, the S-10 crew came upon a three vehicle 10-50 which had just occurred on Mercury Blvd. at River Road. S-10 responded at 1308 ("third call" for Station-10) and reported possibly two BLS trauma patients. M-11 arrived at the same time while en route to RRMC and stopped so both crews could assess the patients at the 10-50 scene while maintaining direct contact with the medical patient in M-11. Only one BLS trauma patient was identified at the 10-50 scene so S-10 crew boarded M-11 and continued transport of the medical patient on board to RRMC.
S-10 crew then packaged and loaded the trauma patient from the 10-50 into S-10. When NNFD rescue units arrived on scene, jurisdiction was waived and S-10 continued the transport of the trauma patient to RRMC.
Photos show the 10-50PI at Whippingham and the last photo shows both Carrollton VFD ambulances at RRMC during patient transfer of the medical patient from Carrollton and the trauma patient from the Newport News 10-50 to the ER staff at RRMC.


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