Carrollton Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched 1818 Monday 11 October 2011 to a reported "cotton picker" on fire off Tan Road at the intersection of several farm roads connecting three cotton fields. Rescue-10, Engine-10 and Squad-10 responded. Assistant Chief G. Rawls was first on scene at 1819 and reported smoke showing from a large self-propelled farm apparatus used for harvesting cotton. Engine-10 arrived on scene at 1824 and initiated the fire attack with foam because of the presence of fuel and other petroleum liquids in the machine. Firefighters donned full PPE because of the hazardous toxic nature of recently harvested cotton. The fire was reported extinguished at 1838 and fire crews then switched to water for the removal of all foam residue from the exposed machinery of the vehicle. A thorough overhaul of potential re-ignition points was conducted and additional water was used to douse smoldering cotton piles nearby. All Carrollton VFD units cleared at 1909 and returned to quarters.

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